The Legendary Angela Lansbury inspires an SRO House at Lincoln Center

LPTW Oral History FINAL Angela Lansbury 2019-19Photo Essay

“From the time I was about twelve, I never stopped acting. Acting is my business.”

“If you’re going to play a character other than yourself, it’s better that you bring that character to the first rehearsal…You have to leave yourself at home…
When I’m immersed in a scene, I leave Angela at home.”

“I’d like to stick around long enough to see my grandchildren grow up.”


Dame Angela Lansbury, spoke with Charlotte Moore, Artistic Director of the Irish Rep, at an LPTW Oral History, New York Library of the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, on November 14, 2019, in a wide-ranging conversation on her life and work before an adoring audience of League members and a few lucky others.

Angela Lansbury made her Broadway debut in 1957 with Bert Lahr in Hotel Paradiso. She began her film career in Gaslight with Ingrid Bergman. She was named Dame of the British Empire in April 2014 by Queen Elizabeth. For Fifty-Three years, she was married to the late film executive Peter Shaw, who she describes as “the most wonderful husband” and “the most handsome man.”



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