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Rape Culture “On Stage” or “As Subject” by Cecilia Copeland

I recently wrote R Culture, a satire about our/rape culture, which premiered at IRT Theater in November. The play contextualizes various elements within American culture to illustrate how they contribute to the USA being a country where rape is prevalent. The particularities include street harassment, victim blaming, “slut shaming,” sex-ed, bridezillas, football, collegiate mishandling of … Continue reading


A Conversation with MOXIE Theatre’s Delicia Turner Sonnenberg by Jennifer Lane

Founded in 2004, MOXIE Theatre was created to shatter stereotypes of “women’s work” and to bring new women’s voices to the American stage. In its short history, MOXIE has received rave reviews, national notice and awards, and has been recognized several times as one of the small companies making a major impact on the theatre … Continue reading


The Revolution Will Be Systemic: A Response by Hannah Hessel Ratner

In her HowlRound article, “Women Directors: Language Worth Repeating,” when Jess Smith describes the directors and some of her students, who speak in “a language of fear, a language of accommodation, and a language of insecurity,” it has the ring of truth for me. When she speaks of domineering directors who have built careers on … Continue reading


WITOnline Seeks Guest Editors for 2014

Women in Theatre Magazine Online, a project of the League of Professional Theatre Women, seeks 3 Guest Editors to be responsible for overseeing the curation and editing of 2 features and 2-4 blog responses for publication on and Responsibilities include: – Familiarizing yourself with the content already published on – Finding writers … Continue reading