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The Revolution Will Be Systemic: A Response by Hannah Hessel Ratner

In her HowlRound article, “Women Directors: Language Worth Repeating,” when Jess Smith describes the directors and some of her students, who speak in “a language of fear, a language of accommodation, and a language of insecurity,” it has the ring of truth for me. When she speaks of domineering directors who have built careers on … Continue reading


WITOnline Seeks Guest Editors for 2014

Women in Theatre Magazine Online, a project of the League of Professional Theatre Women, seeks 3 Guest Editors to be responsible for overseeing the curation and editing of 2 features and 2-4 blog responses for publication on and Responsibilities include: – Familiarizing yourself with the content already published on – Finding writers … Continue reading

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A Legend in Her Own Right: Interview with Black-Eyed Susan

Oftentimes, when theater critics or historians talk about Black-Eyed Susan, they speak about downtown impresario Charles Ludlam, founder of the Ridiculous Theatrical Company, with whom she worked and was close friends for twenty years. But she is an icon in her own right, worthy of her own attention and discussion. Born in Shelton, Connecticut, in the middle … Continue reading


Slaying the Dragon by Kristine M. Reyes

To echo Karen Evans’ sentiment, being a playwright can be “quite a lonely existence.” And to my mind, it can also be a crazy, frustrating, angst-ridden existence. Especially when you write from personal experience. Especially when you’re exposing your own flaws and hypocrisies through your characters. Especially when you’re quick to judge yourself and are prone … Continue reading