VIEWPOINT: A Vote for the Outliers                                                                              by Magdalena Gomez

VIEWPOINT: A Vote for the Outliers by Magdalena Gomez

Theater as activism is not a modern invention, nor is the need for pro-active civic engagement to sustain it. In 425 B.C. when Athenian playwright, Aristophanes, called out the bumbling power plays of magistrates and war mongers in his play, Archarians, he was essentially the (documented) founder of activist theater. The first documented public poet, … Continue reading

Grace and Wisdom

Grace and Wisdom

The Return of In-Person Oral History The League of Professional Theatre Women’s first Oral History Project of the season celebrated a return to in-person events on Monday October 17, as producer Pat Addiss shared wisdom and humor with two-time Emmy Award-winning journalist, television anchor and theatre critic Roma Torre at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts. … Continue reading